• Testimonials

(Head – Research & Institution)

When I joined LKP two decades ago as an Analyst little did I imagine that I would be part of this organization for over 20 years. As I interacted with Shri MV DOSHI during my first two years I realized that here was a person who knew the who’s who among corporates and had the willingness and heart to share success with employees. Thereafter over the years he motivated me to leverage both corporate and customer relationships which reinforced the conviction I had in LKP.

Today I take pride in mentioning about the passion and vision of our Gen-Next MD – PRATIK DOSHI with whom I have had the privilege of working since last couple of years. He comes across to me as a task master who gives freedom to employees to move the needle and make their mark in the organization without interference, a quality which is hard to find. I always believe that every employee should introspect on what he gave to his organization while in service while introspecting what he got in return as this would go a long way in motivating his fellow employees to bring out their best.

Gaurav Bissa
(Head – Retail Advisory)

Lkp provides one of the best working environments with lot of learning and grooming by seniors. I started my career at LKP 5 years ago and since then I have grown not only professionally but also personally. LKP provides ample opportunities to grow and the management strives hard to inspire people to come out of their comfort zone and take on additional responsibilities. This has helped me gain knowledge in various aspects of business which has boosted my confidence immensely. The management is just a door knock away and always believes in its people giving them freedom to try out new things and prove their mettle. Also, the synergies between various departments are extraordinary and all the senior and junior members of various team work hard to help each other in best possible day. After 5 years at LKP I can say it has become my family and this is where I belong.

Praveen Naidu
(Vice President – Pune, Nashik & Nagpur)

In last 5 years, LKP has given me a platform to be an entrepreneur; here I have learned to take decisions rather than following what others have decided. This is one and only corporate where I have seen every employee is been heard. The vision that our MD has, is much ahead of the time and that is the road map which is made here looking at the changes that are going to come in the financial industry!

Sachin Shah
(Deputy Vice President – Pune, Nashik & Nagpur)

With a journey of 17 years with LKP, this Company is more of a family to me now. Consistent support and the motivation I got from the management is something which cannot be expressed in words, every employee is been treated as an asset and that is the kind of culture and atmosphere is what we have here!

Kiran Shingade
(AVP – Pune)

I remember the day our respected Chairman kept his hands on my Shoulders and said few words that let him know if I need any kind of support is just unforgettable, Right kind of motivation is what drives me for almost 15 years of my journey with LKP, Similarly, Balance between aggression and ethics is what I have learnt from our young and energetic MD!

Priya Jhamnani
(AVP – Pune)

LKP has a great work culture, Clear Vision and has given me ample opportunity to grow!

Dyutiman Pathak
(Sr. Sales Manager – Nagpur)

Based on my previous experience with other corporate houses the decisions made in LKP is much faster which makes doing business much easier, There is clarity in what I am expected to do and most important I can see human value for employees given in LKP.

Rajendra Bhavar
(Team Manager – Pune)

I have a simple formula for my professional life, Promotion = Opportunity+ Performance! This is what I have been getting here in LKP. The right atmosphere to work and a consistent growth in my career.

Sanjay Singh
(Sr. Vice President – Mumbai Sales)

“As a Financial services company, our only assets are our people. From the very beginning, it has been

LKP‘s endeavor to create an organization that would add value to every employee.
LKP is a place where individuals come in at different levels with different skill sets, aspirations and attitudes.

While here, they learn what a real business is, learn to think independently, be creative and to push them out of their comfort zone. This is a company that adds significant value to each employee and it helps each individual reach her or his highest potential.”

More than 5 years in LKP!!… Time has flown and I cherish all the memories of the people I have met during this time. I have learnt and grown professionally and personally.
I would like to thank everyone who has contributed in any way in my journey.

Ms. Alafiya Electricwala
(AVP – Marketing & PR)

I have been associated with LKP Securities Limited since 3 years now. It truly has been one of the best places to work so far.

It has not only given me an opportunity to work with a free hand, but have excellent co-workers around who are supportive and helpful in every way that really keeps you going. One place I look forward to coming every morning as the environment always keeps me pepped up.

The management has a clear vision & goal which definitely says all about the company’s constant growth & expansion plans.

Each day I learn something new, feel inspired, excited & motivated to do keep doing better. Truly proud to be an LKPian.

T. Mahendran
(Vice President – Chennai & Bangalore)

My journey @ LKP

Working at LKP is a great pleasure for me. The thing I appreciate most about the company is that it has given me the opportunity to balance work and life. I managed to contribute a lot to the company and I still have time for my family. LKP also gives me the opportunity to work in a pleasant multicultural environment and I have very nice colleagues. The management team is very good in making sure that the suggestions and opinions of employees are included in the company planning and process. I am proud to be part of LKP securities ltd.

Sunny Kichloo
(Sr. Vice President – Delhi)

LKP is just not an organization for me but this three letter represent “art of life” for me..
During my journey of 6 years so far the learning curve seems to get steeper day by day… every single day provides new challenge, opportunity and new experiences. The inspirational leadership works as catalyst for being self-driven.

Accountability along with Responsibility is the mantra here.

Many a thanks to management for trusting in me.

Vishwanath Bodade
(Asst. Vice President – Nashik)

I have joined the LKP in 2014 as an Area Manager. At that time we had only six people team. But after support of my team members, seniors and management we develop our business as well as our strength and now we are reached around 25 peoples team. In 2016 I have promoted as AVP. In my journey since my joining to till date we are doing many social as well as investment awareness activities for people to encourage for investment & make them knowledgeable about investment. It helps us to build up lots of new relation with people, clients etc. also helps to grow our business. With the help of team spirit & support and management support I wish to grow LKP more & more & more in future. I am proud that I am a part of this organization named as LKP Securities Ltd.